momofoto: an online art gallery

the story

The elegance of nature, the sensuality of patterns revealed through dancing light, the moods of natural elements, that is what I want coming through my lens. The unusual patterns woven by time, light, shadows, wind, sun, moon, rocks, sand, water, whirling around me, when I find myself in the middle of this, when I feel the ruffled breezes on my skin, then I know I am in the story I want to seize...

making a picture

Like with a paint brush loaded with oil pigments, my camera puts down the colors and the motions surrounding around me. I don't take a picture, I tell the story as seen through my eyes. Or rather, I take pieces of what I see and create my own world.


Things that are apparently the same. Objects that evoke thoughts about other objects. Play on light creating illusions. Shapes that speak of other shapes. Fleeting moments in space that say there is more to what stands in front of you. Tableaus forcing an internal dialog about the expressed and the hidden. Images of my imagination.

Through the camera lens the world is recreated over and over again by my mind, and what I perceive through light. In the camera, no two worlds are ever the same. It's only si•mi•la•ri•ties.