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  • 1er ou 2e Pont
    From Avenue di New York. People still live in house boats along the Seine.
  • Ablaze
    The river was on fire with colors and refections of the lights which came from everywhere
  • Ablaze 2
    There are few words to bring you in the mesmering play of lights on the Seine.
  • Ablaze 3
    We had 15 minutes to catch the train back to the hotel at CDG. And still I could not break away.
  • Abstraction
    Waking up between somewhere batween Alaska and Paris, the rising sun rays on the plane's wing looked like a Pollock creation. Surreal.
  • Sunrise above the World
    Everything has an intense surrealism as the sun comes up almost at eye level
  • Argonautes, Hotel et Restaurant
    WE were leaving for Greece early the next morning. How appropriate...
  • Crossing Avenue Georges V
    La Ville Lumiere is what francophones d'outre mer call Paris. Et pour cause!
  • Lumiere
    Enough said
  • Picaboo, Me Voila
    WE got out of the Champs de MArs Metro and there she was between 2 buildings. What a sight...
  • La Tour Eiffel
    I had to catch every possible angle, so I looked straight up
  • Sous les ponts de Paris
    Le Quai St Michel-Notre Dame. Sous les ponts de Paris, lorsque descend la nuit, Toutes sortes de gueux se faufilent en cachette Et sont heureux de trouver une couchette, Hôtel du courant d'air, où l'on ne paie pas cher, 'parfum et l'eau c'est pour rien mon marquis, Sous les ponts de Paris.
  • Frites
    They are better fresh and French
  • Glace
    That is some ice cream cone, n'est-ce pas Lizzie?
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