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Western Crete - Day 8

  • Hania Day 8: Waking Up, this is "The View"
  • Hania Day 8: Antique Bird Cage in Hotel Lobby
  • Hania Day 8: Someone's Front Yard and their Venetian Archway
  • Hania Day 8: From Margaritas' Balcony on Zambeliou Street
  • Hania Day 8: The Gypsies' Garden and Playground
  • Hania Day 8: Taverne Au Bas De L'escalier
  • Hania Day 8: Moitiee De L'allee
  • Hania Day 8: Synthesized - My Artistic View and Fondest Memory
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The Fireworks

You must see the next page. It is special... At least in my opinion.